What are Bunions?


Bunions are caused by a poor alignment of the foot and joint of the big toe. A bump develops on the inner side of the foot near the base of the first toe this is the bunion. The toe twists so that the inside edge touches the ground and the outside edge turns upward. In other words, it describes the deviation of the toe toward the outside of the foot.

The inherited shape of the foot may predispose people to bunions. For example, flat feet are unstable and in walking the body weight is repeatedly transferred to the big toe. This transfer of weight allows certain muscles to become stronger than others. This overpowering of muscles causes the toe to bend and deform. Women who wear tight, pointy-toed, or high-heeled shoes and shoes that are too small are susceptible to getting bunions. Improper boots and shoes exacerbate the underlying cause of flat, unstable feet. Continue Reading…

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athletes Foot

A microscopic fungus causes athlete’s foot. It lives on dead tissue of the hair, toenails and outer skin layers. Most commonly found in men from the teenage years to the early 50’s, it thrives in warm, moist environments such as footwear and socks. The fungus may also be fostered in the floors of public showers, locker rooms and swimming pools. It can be transmitted through contact with a cut or abrasion on the bottom surface of the foot. The infection causes raised, circular pimples or blisters that resemble ringworm lesions. Continue Reading…

How to Prevent Heat Stress: Precautions to Take and Products to Utilize

Prevent Heat Stress

When you work outside in the summer, safety involves a whole lot more than just wearing steel-toe boots, hard hats, or high-visibility clothing. Safety also means surviving and thriving under the big hot sun. Heat Stress is nothing to mess around with. The heat can cause serious damage and send you to the hospital or worse, so there are a number of precautions that are very important for you to take to prevent a heat-related illness. Heat stress prevention is as important as any other regulations that need to be followed.

Continue Reading…

Four Tips for Compliance with ANSI/ISEA 107 for High-Visibility Apparel

High Visibility Yellow Workwear

Being compliant with ANSI/ISEA 107 regulations for high-visibility apparel has never been more important. Here are four tips to make sure your high-visibility apparel is compliant with ANSI/ISEA 107 standards. In the need for new high-visibility products? Check out Ergodyne and OccuNomix for exceptional hi-vis products.

The first step (and easiest, if you ask us) is to purchase a high-visibility product that is ANSI 107 compliant. You’ll know if it is compliant by its tag. The high-visibility garment must have a label that has a pictogram of a vest or a drawing that depicts the actual garment itself. There also must be two numbers next to that drawing. In order to be ANSI 107 compliant, the top number must be either 2 or 3. This means the high-visibility garment is either class 2 or class 3. Continue Reading…

Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan: A Process That Never Cuts Corners

Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan- A Process That Never Cuts Corners WPS BLOG

There’s no mistaking a fine leather. You know it just by looking at it. Touch it, and you’re convinced. Smell it, and you’re hooked. Like art on a canvas, a beautiful pair of fine footwear doesn’t just happen. It takes a skilled craftsman, the best materials, and the most painstaking process.

Horween’s philosophy from the beginning is that you make it the best you can make it, and you price it accordingly. And if it’s really the best, people will buy it. That was four generations ago. And Horween is still the standard in Genuine Shell Cordovan.

Horween was founded by Isadore Horween in 1905 in Chicago, and still operates from that city today. Cordovan was Horween’s original business. Now, you can find Horween leather used in popular work boot brands such as Wolverine boots and shoes. Continue Reading…

Caterpillar Work Boots with Ergo Comfort System: Comfort Never Worked So Hard

Cat Boots Ergo Comfort System

Look, we know they’re not slippers. They’re not moccasins. They’re definitely not clogs. Your work boots are not the most comfortable piece of footwear you own. If they are, you owe yourself a new pair of morning slippers.

You choose your work boots for the hard work you plan to do in them, to work as hard as you do and be as tough as you are. Not for a cushy feel when you slip them on. So when we talk about comfort, we keep this in mind. But that doesn’t mean comfort doesn’t matter. In fact, the comfort level of your work boots can be the biggest factor in how fatigued you feel at the end of the day.

When it comes to comfort, nobody’s got Caterpillar work boots’ Ergo comfort system beat. The Caterpillar Ergo system is designed and engineered to integrate stability, flexibility and the comfort you require; along with the rugged durability you have come to expect from the Caterpillar work boots brand. Continue Reading…

Wolverine Boots Contour Welt Technology: Durable, Tough, Comfortable

Wolverine Boots Contour Welt Technology

There are thousands of different kinds of work boots out there. Super-this, Dura-that; it’s  hard to even know where to begin to look. Or what those terms all even mean. It can be overwhelming. But if you break it all down into the simplest terms, it’s easier. You know you want boots that are durable, that are comfortable, and that will protect you. Those are the three basics, the Holy Trinity of Work Boots. Let’s start there.

Wolverine has simplified the process. Over the many, many years, Wolverine boots have built a rock-solid reputation as an American-made company with the consistent ability to satisfy their customers. When a working person chooses a pair of Wolverine Boots, they’re getting a premium product that has a proven track record of performance. Wolverine’s latest iteration, featuring Wolverine Contour Welt Technology, was designed with those three basic goals in mind: To be ultra-durable, ultra-tough, and ultra-comfortable. Contour Welt boots have the kind of ruggedness you expect in a Wolverine boot, but with the flexible comfort you enjoy from a pair of sneakers. Yeah, we know that’s a bold statement, but it’s true. As flexible as a pair of sneakers. That’s Wolverine’s promise. That’s Wolverine Contour Welt. Continue Reading…

Red Kap Automotive Crew Shirt: Designed by Mechanics

Red Kap Automotive Crew Shirts

Let’s be honest. Having the right shirt to wear is far less important to an auto mechanic than having the right tools. So we’re not going to tell you any different. But why wear something you hate, when you could wear something you love? Especially when it’s something that can help you do your job better? Lately, Red Kap has been on a mission, visiting more and more auto shops and car enthusiasts to develop products that are right for the people that use them.

Red Kap’s workwear designers visited 30 automotive shops and dealers. They talked to everyone – from small two-man garages, to large dealers. They watched, they observed, they asked questions, and most importantly, they listened. They gathered feedback, and that feedback was pretty interesting stuff. What Red Kap’s workwear designers discovered is that technicians and mechanics might not know exactly what they want, but they certainly know what they don’t want. And they sure react to a good idea when they see it. Continue Reading…

Carhartt Men’s Carlux Hooded Sweatshirts Are Back

Men's Carhartt Carlux Sweatshirts To its owner, a hooded sweatshirt is a lot of things. It’s comfort wear. It’s work wear. It’s keep-you-warm-in-the-cold wear. It’s sit-around-the-house-cause-it’s-the-weekend wear. Come to think of it, it’s even been the star of a Saturday Night Live skit. (Red-hooded variety only). Odds are, you’ve never stopped to think about what it is about a sweatshirt that makes it the perfect attire for any occasion. (OK, not any occasion; if your friend is getting married, you might want to opt for something a little more formal). But if you ever did have some time to kill, and thought about it, you’d realize that it’s actually a combination of several things that makes a hooded sweatshirt such a glamorously simple garment. It’s the comfort. It’s the flexibility. It’s the durability. And it’s the warmth, which they somehow manage to pull off without the added bulk. And nobody does that better than Carhartt. Continue Reading…

How to Evaluate Work Shirts

Work Shirt Fabric Guide

What to wear, what to wear?!? Whether it’s in your own closet or your company’s workwear department, it’s an important question. Say you need to supply the team FR Work Shirts. Or you need to find the right uniforms for your team. How in the world do you know which way to go? Well, here’s a helpful guide:

When it comes to apparel for your employees and customers, it’s important to understand the differences in fabric. A good way to think of this is in three categories: Good, Better, and Best. The differences here will be in price point and quality. Understanding your needs, and what you are looking to accomplish with each article of clothing, will indicate which – Good, Better, or Best – would best suit your situation.

While clothing such as T-shirts, sport shirts, and fleece can all look the same, you already know all clothing is not created equal. There are variations that you will benefit from examining. Continue Reading…

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