Look both ways before crossing a street. Wear your seat belt. Put on a pair of flame-resistant pants before heading to your heat-intensive job. Staying safe is important, and we’re all about providing you with the best products possible that’ll protect you against workplace hazards. Whether you’re required to wear steel toe boots or you need a hard hat for the construction site, we’ve got the workwear and footwear to meet your safety needs.

Perhaps you grew up playing basketball with the neighborhood kids, and you never missed a Saturday morning game of flag football with your buddies (“accidental” tackles happened, as your arch-enemy, Scottie Ferkus, called them). While you ran your little heart out, you only gave your athletic shoes a second thought if they caused you some sort of pain. Blisters, tired feet, sore toes...if any of those problems came about, you complained to your parents about it. Why’s that? Because you knew your feet needed to be comfortable at all times. That mentality carries into your career as well. You’re on your feet all day, and you need comfort and protection. And not because you’re spoiled or feel as though you deserve to be [...]

The winter weather can be brutal on your hands. Wind and snow don’t care how much work you have to get done. They can make your skin can become dry, chapped, and cracked, creating an uncomfortable situation for you. Winter work gloves are here to the rescue. We offer several designs at Working Person’s Store, including waterproof and insulated styles. Durable outer shells on some styles are created to have wind-resistance and waterproof qualities, which ensure the comfort of your hands. One particular pair of Kombi gloves also features insulation - power goose down insulation, to be exact! That should sound nice and cozy, especially if you spend long hours outdoors. Some work gloves are designed specifically for cold weather because it’s [...]

You can only control so much when it comes to your job. There’s no controlling the weather, the type of mood your boss is in, and all sorts of events that will affect your day. Often, you can’t even control the surface below you. Yesterday, it may have been solid and sturdy. Today, it’s sheer ice. The last step you took may have been on concrete, but a spill means your next step will be less predictable. This is why it’s so important to take your work footwear seriously. While there are many features worth looking into, slip-resistance needs to be a priority in any work shoes and boots you choose to wear. Slipping: A Very Real Danger Although slipping may sound like a fairly mild accident - there are certainly worse ones [...]

The Future of Work Footwear: Nanotechnology

No matter what kind of work you do, protecting your feet needs to be a priority. Otherwise, all it takes is one mistake - one accident - and you could [...]

Waterproof Workwear You'll Want to Wear Daily

With winter right around the corner, many of you will soon be seeing snow. For others, though, this means rainfall and lots of it. So it’s a good time [...]

Fire-Resistant Protection: Bulwark Arc Rating Calculator

Maybe you already wear Bulwark FR workwear. It's durable, flame-resistant, and it keeps you safe, so it makes perfect sense. Does that one layer meet [...]

Guard Yourself Against Fire Hazards

From the very beginning, Working Person’s Store has been committed to providing high quality workwear to those with the harshest jobs out there. One [...]

Waterproof Footwear: Keep Your Feet Happy & Healthy

It's been a long day. You sit down and slowly take off your old work boots, and you dread what's next - peeling off those nice, wet socks. When your work [...]

Sunglasses That Are All About Safety

When you’re cruising around town on a bright summer day (in your sports car, duh), you’re probably wearing sunglasses. If you’re not, you definitely [...]

Arc Defender Fabric: Flame-Resistant Workwear

At Working Person's Store, we take pride in taking care of our customers. That includes providing you with protective clothing you can trust. Your job [...]

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