Government Asks OSHA to Make Changes to Safety Incentive Program

It’s important that each workplace have safety guidelines and policies. And one of those policies should be an incentive program that rewards workers for safe practices and behaviors on the job. There are a couple different types of these safety incentive programs which go about striving for the goal of worker safety in different ways. Many workplaces do have these incentive programs. But many of them might actually be causing more harm than good.

There’s a new report out from the Government Accounting Office (GAO), and it is asking OSHA to make changes as a result of recent research into these safety incentive programs. The GAO report raises serious concerns about the effect that workplace safety incentive programs have on the reporting of accidents and injuries in the workplace. Continue Reading…

LiteFire Insulation from Carhartt Offers Warmth Without the Bulk

Carhartt Insulated Work Boots Feature Litefire Insulation

OK, we’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is, it might be hot now, but it won’t be long before it is freezing cold outside. And what’s worse, you will have to be out in it working. But here’s the good news: You don’t have to be freezing cold outside while you’re out in it working.

That is, if you’re wearing Carhartt boots with LiteFire insulation. LiteFire is a boot liner that is equal to 400 grams of insulation, but feels nothing like it. As in, it feels much, much lighter. You get all kinds of warmth, but without the added bulk.

Carhartt is able to do this because LiteFire is a heat-reflective technology. That means it regulates your body’s tempeature by dissipating heat and retaining it depending on your body’s needs. Continue Reading…

New Partnership Outfits Mountain Shepherd Survival School with Rocky S2V Boots

Rocky Military Boots SV2

Outdoor enthusiasts will be excited to learn about the recent merger between Rocky S2V and Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School.  Rocky S2V, which is a new product extension targeted at – you guessed it – outdoor enthusiasts, has joined forces with the outdoor survival experts at the Shepherd Wilderness School. This new merger allows Rocky Footwear to utilize the expertise of the wilderness staff for marketing and sales purposes while the school makes use of Rocky’s outstanding footwear and apparel. Continue Reading…

Ten Eye Safety Tips – For the Workplace and Home Assessments

Ten Eye Safety Tips


  • LOOK! carefully at plant operations. Inspect work areas, access routes and equipment. Study eye accident and injury reports. Identify operations and areas that present eye hazards.
  • TEST! Uncorrected vision problems can cause accidents. Use vision testing in your employee pre-placement and routine physical examinations.
  • PROTECT! Select protective eyewear designed for a specific duty or hazard. Protective eyewear must meet the current standards referenced by the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 and later revisions. Continue Reading…

New Mine Rules Require Operators to Find and Fix Hazards

Mine Safety Regulation

On April 5, 2010, an explosion inside the Upper Big Branch Mine in Montcoal, West Virginia killed 29 miners. It was the worst mining disaster in the United States in 40 years. An investigation into the contributing causes of that explosion resulted in a fundamental shift in the way hazards are found and fixed. Namely, who is responsible for finding and fixing them.

There are now new mining rules that are meant to prevent something like that from ever happening again. The Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) recently published new rules that will require mine operators to identify and correct hazardous conditions and violations of nine health and safety standards that pose the greatest risk to minors. These nine standards are in response to the exact type of conditions and violations that led to the deaths of the 29 miners, and meant to prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future. Continue Reading…

Carhartt Boots and Shoes for Top Quality Work Boots

Carhartt Quality Work Boots

When people want the best work wear, they think Carhartt. The company has been known for decades as the leader in jackets, pants and other workwear. Perhaps it is because of this reputation for excellent jackets and pants that Carhartt boots have gone a little bit overlooked. But like the jackets and pants above them, Carhartt boots know how to work hard. Just like the people who wear them.

Carhartt boots are loved by business owners, workers and even celebrities alike. There are many benefits Carhartt offers to business owners, or “corporate consumers,” if you will. Because Carhartt boots meet OSHA mandates, they are an excellent choice for business owners who need to make sure they are in compliance with all laws and regulations. Continue Reading…

How To Care For Your Flame-Resistant Clothes

Care For Your FR Apparel

Flame resistant clothes protect you. But how do you protect your flame resistant clothes? By caring for them properly. The garment’s flame resistant properties will last much longer if properly laundered and washed.

ASTM F1449-01 gives recommended procedures for laundering flame resistant cotton clothing. It’s important to realize that some laundering procedures can damage for FR clothes. Hard water and high temperatures that are used in industrial laundering and drying can cause minerals to build up on cotton FR fabrics and make them flammable. The harder the water, the more minerals are built up, the more flammable your flame resistant clothes become. But this can be prevented. Using soft water or an adequate sour can keep minerals from building up, and thus, keep your flame resistant clothes flame resistant. Continue Reading…

Employees Won’t Wear Eye Protection? Here’s How to Fix That

Wearing Safety Glasses On The Job Is Important

When your mother said, “hey, be careful, you could put your eye out!” you knew she meant it. Mom could see things before they happened, couldn’t she? Well, when your employer says, “hey, be careful, you could put your eye out!” there’s reason behind that too. The statistics are alarming.

There were more than 800,000 work-related eye injuries treated in emergency rooms in 2008, the most recent available data. Men were four times more likely than women to suffer an eye injury. In 70 percent of accidents, the eye injury was caused by an object or equipment, and in about 26 percent of accidents, it was caused by exposure to harmful substances like chemicals.

While those statistics are cause for concern in and of themselves, the most alarming statistic is this — 90 percent of all eye injuries can be prevented by wearing protective eyewear. Continue Reading…

Red Kap Denim Offers a Multitude of Options

Red Kap Denim Workwear

If you want your company to be the best, it needs to look the best, and be outfitted with the best. And to be frank about it, the best is Red Kap denim. It’s quality that works in the marketplace. When it comes to outfitting your team members with quality uniforms (so that they look their best), Red Kap is the best option for a number of reasons.

Red Kap is part of the world’s largest denim apparel company — Wrangler. Red Kap’s fabric and manufacturing process are shared with Wrangler, which is the largest denim brand in the entire world. As a result, Red Kap uniforms are worn by more than 16 million workers across the globe, in so many different types of occupation — from mechanics to machinists to many more. Continue Reading…

Specialized Gloves Are Needed for Specialized Skills

Specialized Work Gloves

Employers these days are moving away from generalization, and placing an emphasis on hiring workers who have specialized skills. According to Forbes magazine, people without specialized skills are finding it harder and harder to find work.

Just like the trend toward needing specialized skills, there is a trend toward needing specialized work gloves. More than anything, it was a court case that demonstrated this need. Recently in the UK, a city sanitation worker successfully sued his employer and was awarded more than $150,000 in personal injury damage, for a cut he suffered at work while sifting through a pile of trash. The employee was wearing gloves provided by his employer when he cut himself on a sharp object hidden in the pile of trash, but the court ruled that his employer had provided him with “the wrong type of gloves.” Continue Reading…

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