Bates Riding Boots Collection

Bates Riding Boots

What’s your favorite scenic trail? Is it Ormond? Big Bend? Tahoe? Maybe Copper Trail? As motorcycle enthusiasts know, there is nothing on this earth as enjoyable as a ride along your favorite scenic trail. Places like Palomar, Talimena, and Escalante are the absolute definition of beauty. And now, you can enjoy that beauty everywhere you go.

Well, kind of. The new 2012 line of Bates Riding Collection motorcycle boots are here, and each style is named after a favorite scenic ride: Ormond, Big Bend, Talimena, Tahoe, Palomar, Black Canyon, Copper Trail, and Escalante. And these boots are a thing of beauty in their own right. They’re almost as beautiful as the places themselves. Almost. Continue Reading…

Staying Dry is the Key with Today’s High-Tech Fabrics

Layer To Stay Dryer

We already know that layering clothing is the best way to stay warm in cold weather, right? And with advances in fabric technology over the last 10 to 15 years, today’s cold weather warriors can now utilize all layers to help keep skin dry – even with flame-resistant workwear.

Remember, effective layering means starting with a base layer that wicks (pulls) moisture away from the body, a middle layer that insulates and an outer layer that keeps out the wind and water. Until recently, silk and wool were considered the best moisture-wicking fabrics. And they are still good choices, especially for those who prefer natural fibers. But moisture-wicking technology has improved dramatically with innovative new synthetic fabrics and blends. Continue Reading…

Tecasafe NFPA Compliant Workwear from Revco Industries

FR Clothing Made From Tecasafe

The people at Revco Industries out of Santa Fe Springs, CA have taken reins on the competition with an improvement to their Tecasafe Plus high performance flame-resistant clothing. The company is excited to announce their flame resistant shirt and coveralls remain NFPA compliant for arc flash protection but are now also certified NFPA 2112 compliant by UL. This new certification means Black Stallion work wear, which is a brand under Revco Industries, is now suitable for use in the oil and gas industry. Continue Reading…

Bogs: Not Just Any Work Boots

BOGS Waterproof Work Boots

If you’re looking for waterproof rubber work boots that do more than keep the water out, look no further than the Bogs Boots, specifically the Journeyman STMG, available at Working Person’s Store.  We know that safety, comfort and functionality are top priorities when it comes to choosing a work boots and these Bogs have all these qualities and more. Continue Reading…

The APMA Approves Select Blundstone Footwear

The APMA Approves Blundstone Work Boots

The APMA Approves Blundstone Work Boots

The health of your feet is a very important factor when thinking about your work. Uncomfortable work boots and shoes can be a pain in the butt, and in the foot, especially if your job requires you to be on your feet for several hours a day.  No one wants to suffer from tired, achy feet day in and day out, but how do you know what types of footwear won’t cause foot pain and discomfort?  Luckily, the American Podiatric Medical Association’s (APMA) Seal of Acceptance Program does the homework for you and finds the best in footwear – shoes and boots that are not only comfortable, but also promote good foot health if worn long term. Continue Reading…

Tecasafe Plus Fire-Resistant Clothing from Workrite

FR Clothing Made From Tecasafe

There are hazards in every workplace, but some hazards are not to be taken lightly. Thermal and flame hazards, even when not primary hazards, can be particularly dangerous and even deadly. If you run the risk of exposure to heat and flame in your workplace, it is important to be in the know when it comes to flame-resistant clothing. How is it tested? How long can it last? How well can it protect your body from heat and flame? When answering these questions, one must look to Workrite, a leader in high-quality, flame-resistant apparel and its new Tecasafe Plus knits. Continue Reading…

Working Person’s Store Launches Rewards Program

Rewards Program by

Earn points to connect with Working Person’s Store and for reviewing products.

There are many rewards programs out there promising perks when you accumulate points.  While it seems like a good deal, usually the only thing you accumulate is more of those little cards for your key chain.  At, you can now get rewarded for reviewing and promoting the products you love, without the hassle of remembering your exclusive key chain card because all you need now is access to the internet and a account. Not only do your online purchases earn you points, but active participation in making more social and interactive website will help as well. Now you can easily participate in the rewards program doing the things you typically do on retail website, except this time you get paid back for the interactions that you do. Continue Reading…

Muck Terrain Boots Earn Time In the Muck

Muck Boots Terrain

The best inventions don’t come out of people’s heads. They come out of people’s hands. What we mean is, the best inventions usually rise out of necessity. “I need something that does this, and it doesn’t exist yet, so I’ll make it.” Rather than “if I make this neat cool thingy, I bet people will buy it, since it’s new and shiny.”

Years ago, a little company with a rather appropriate name, Muck, put a product on the market that was the first of its kind. Waterproof work boots made out of neoprene. Yes, the same stuff they make wetsuits out of. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is known for its durability,  chemical resistance, burn resistance; and most importantly, for its flexibility, even over a wide range of temperatures. In short, it’s like rubber… on steroids. Muck is the original neoprene boot maker. And in all the time since, nobody has made a better neoprene boot yet. Except Muck… with its latest line of neoprene boots: Muck Terrain Boots (MTR-000). Continue Reading…

Danner Crater Rim Hiking Boots Win Award for “Gear of the Year”

Danner Boots Crater Rim American Made Hikers

In this modern age of marketing and advertising, there’s nothing quite like some good old fashioned independent analysis by someone without a horse in the race. An endorsement doesn’t come easily, which is why Danner is especially proud to be recognized by two of the leading publications on outdoors activities.

Danner’s new Crater Rim (37440) technical hiking boots were awarded “Gear of the Year 2012” by leading industry publication Outside Magazine. Few people understand outdoor gear as well or as deep as Outdoor Magazine and its readers. They’re the resident experts of the outdoor activities world. Needless to say, it’s a pretty prestigious honor. Continue Reading…

Layering – A New Industry Standard for Insulated Clothing

Clo Is The Measurement Of Insulation Needed

When choosing clothing for cold-weather layering, insulated clothing will add warmth. And thanks to a new ANSI standard, working people and employers now have a new tool to help sort through the choices in insulated clothing. The American National Standard for Classification of Insulating Apparel Used in Cold Work Environments (ANSO/ISEA 201-2012) creates a new voluntary industry standard that assigns a thermal performance category based on the garment’s insulating value after a set number of cleaning cycles.

Continue Reading…

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