Teva: Comfortable and Durable Sandals Since 1984

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When it was first created in 1984, the Teva sandal was thought to be the first amphibious, athletic sandal. The sandals were invented by Grand Canyon river guide Mark Thatcher for those seeking an active, outdoor life with comfort. He wanted people to enjoy the lifestyle he so enjoyed without restraint. Calling the first Teva sandals humble is quite the understatement. The well-known, sturdy sandals of today were created with just an old Velcro watch strap attached to a flip flop. (Talk about improvising!) Thatcher originally signed a deal with California Pacific and 200 pairs were sold in the first year. In 1985, Deckers Outdoor Corporation entered into a licensing agreement to produce and distribute Teva sandals. Continue Reading…

Madison Bumgarner Joins Carhartt’s 2015 Spring Campaign

Madison Bumgarner WPS Blog

Madison Bumgarner proudly wore Carhartt shirts long before his recent partnership with the women’s and men’s workwear company. But the left-handed MLB pitcher has the work ethic that Carhartt specifically strives to make their rugged products for, so this Spring 2015 Force campaign just makes perfect sense. Continue Reading…

Dickies: Quality Workwear Since 1922

Dickies WPS Blog

If you asked someone to tell you about the Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company, odds are they’d have a hard time coming up with anything to say. But ask them about Dickies and show them that signature blue, red, and yellow horseshoe logo, and people know exactly what kind of quality work apparel you’re talking about. From carpenter jeans to bib overalls to coveralls to work shirts, people go with Dickies every day for quality clothing they can rely on. And they’ve been relying on Dickies for a long time now.  Continue Reading…

Wool vs. Merino Wool

Merino Wool WPS Blog

If you wear clothes, it’s safe to assume two things about you. First, that you probably do not get as many strange looks in restaurants as those that don’t wear clothes; and second, that you’ve probably heard of merino wool, and heard a lot about it. So what is merino wool, and how is it different from regular wool? Well, glad you asked. Put on your learning socks (are they made of merino wool?) and prepare to assimilate some knowledge. Continue Reading…

WPS Has all the Raingear You’ll Need for Spring Showers

Raingear WPS Blog

Finally! After a long, cold winter, spring has sprung. Know what that means? Why, it means that the snow flurries of January will give way to those frequent April rain showers. The cold may be behind us, but the precipitation is not! And, regrettably, you’re sometimes going to have work when there’ll be a sudden rainstorm will occur. Or a rainstorm will have already occurred, but work is waiting for you nonetheless. This all means that it’s time to start thinking about raingear. Luckily, Working Person’s Store has a large variety of raingear that should satisfy many needs. From rain jackets to rain suits there’s quite a lot to choose from! Continue Reading…

Carhartt Rugged Flex Introduces Polos and Pants

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It’s one thing to be uncomfortable while working in a cubicle—at least you have that awesome air-conditioning! But it’s something else to be uncomfortable while on the job outside. You’re going to need durable, breathable, high-quality clothing to not only get the job done, but to get it done well. That’s where the Carhartt Rugged Flex® brand excels. Forget about all of those low-quality, unreliable throw-aways that you bought before; this Carthartt brand is where it’s at today! The Rugged Flex® technology uses resilient, flexible material that will be at your beck and call throughout your work day. You’ll be happy to know that pants, shirts, shorts, boots, and jackets are available, so you can have it all! Among it all, you’ll find the Carhartt Force Rugged Flex® Polo and the Carhartt Force Rugged Flex® Pants. Continue Reading…

Stay Safe When It’s Dark Outside

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Just because the sun is starting to sink down slightly below the horizon and its rays are creating a beautiful painting across the sky doesn’t mean you’re done with your work day. Your tough hours on the clock are far from over, but you’re okay with that. As visibility decreases, you need to make sure you’re kept safe if you’re working later in the evenings. Even those early morning hours have limited visibility, especially with fog and lack of sunlight. High-visibility clothing, like reflective vests and hi-vis overalls, will help you stay seen in low lighting. You can never be too careful in dangerous situations, so let yourself stand out in dimmer working conditions. Continue Reading…

Under Armour: A Brief History

Under Armour Feature WPS Blog

Under Armour seems to be everywhere nowadays. Your friends wear athletic apparel made by them, you’ve seen product placements in movies, and you may even be sporting your own pair of UA sneakers at this very moment. They’re now worldwide and have 7,800+ employees. So where did this American sports company begin? Believe it or not, the global headquarters is now in Baltimore, Maryland, but it began in a grandmother’s basement in Washington, D.C.  Continue Reading…

Tingley Rubber Company: 100 years of Satisfaction


The Tingley Rubber Company offers a wide variety of waterproof footwear and raingear, as well as high-visibility workwear. It’s easy for us to trust this brand, especially since it’s been around for over 100 years. With a lot of hard work and dedication, the Tingley brand was started by a man named Charles O. Tingley. It began with him selling bicycle tire plugs in 1896 (he literally rode his bicycle from city to city), and it progressed into the vast company you know today. Tingley’s travels from New York to Massachusetts to Washington, D.C. and back to New Jersey were well worth it, as he then developed his business idea into the successful Tingley Rubber Company. His two sons joined to help the family company grow into what it is today, and the company has been meeting valued customers’ needs ever since. Continue Reading…

Introducing Carhartt Force Men’s Underwear to WPS

Carhartt Underwear WPS Blog

Your men’s underwear bunch up, retain moisture like a sponge, and are generally uncomfortable. Why settle for discomfort? Carhartt Base Force boxers were built to give you all day comfort. They fit better, they’re closer to your body than loose-fitting boxers, and they’re more lightweight than other men’s underwear. Sounds pretty appealing, right? Base Force is a line of clothing from Carhartt and features a special design, as it utilizes FastDry technology for the ultimate sweat-wicking. Many men suffer from sweating a lot, but your underwear shouldn’t soak up the perspiration and keep it with you all day. Continue Reading…

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