The Wide Selection of Red Kap Uniform Shirts

Red Kap Shirts

Looking to throw off the winter doldrums and give your gear a facelift? Boasting one of the largest color ranges in the working world, Red Kap Uniforms has the style and palette to fit any workwear brand.

One of the easiest ways to brighten your mood and your workwear is to add a splash of blue. Color psychologists agree that blue is perceived as ‘peaceful’ and ‘loyal’. That may be be true because it’s always been used abundantly in uniforms and workwear throughout history. Red Kap offers 5 varieties of blue alone in their mainstay Men’s Industrial Short Sleeve (SP24) and Long Sleeve Shirt (SP14) series. Continue Reading…

Edge Eyewear Protective Glasses Prevent Eye Injury

Edge Safety Eyewear

How do you protect yourself when you don’t even see it coming? With Edge Eyewear, the leading producer of rigorously tested and proven safety eyeglasses, they’ve got you covered in any situation.

With more than 10,000 eye injuries EVERY DAY in North America alone, it’s important to be very choosy about protecting one of your most valuable assets – your eyesight.

Sporting an impressive 100% effective repellent rate with a test of 6 shots from a nailgun within 5 seconds as seen here, Edge’s exclusive polycarbonate lense formula was the first to become compliant with ANSI’s (American National Standard Institute) strict requirements. Continue Reading…

The Various Fits of Filson Shirts

Different Filson Shirt Fits

Filson is a brand that has been around for ages. With that time they have found just the right touches to add to their products, making them, often, lifetime partners. The new and improved shirt styles, along with their old traditional ones demonstrate that Filson is no less concerned with materials and craftsmanship than ever before, so these updated shirts still speak the company’s “might as well have the best” motto.  With the new fits that Filson offers, three distinct style lines now provide that much better comfort for different body types and muscular structure as well as appearance and versatility.  Filson now fits you, your sense of style, as well as your outdoor activities.  Continue Reading…

Under Armour’s Newly Introduced Infrared Workwear


Under Armour’s latest innovative technology creates a living, breathing body warmer in its ColdGear: Infrared Base Layers– keeping you warmer, longer.

Under Armour is known for its historic wicking microfiber garments since 1995.  With one revolutionary T-shirt that founder Kevin Plank created, he changed performance clothing (and perhaps the performance, too) one NFL team by one after the other.  The thought that drove him – and still inspires the company’s research is: there has to be something better.  So this winter, there’s yet another new innovation to UA’s 2013 line, the ColdGear line: Infrared. Continue Reading…

Black Stallion’s GW101 Extreme Winter Impact Protection Gloves

Winter Gloves

Leave it to Revco Industries, the manufacturer of Black Stallion products, to craft all-encompassing hand protection in its new GW101 work gloves. They are designed with both extreme winter weather comfort and safety at the forefront of the company’s ingenuity in this new work wear product.  You may need to go to work outdoors, but there is no reason to miss out on taking care of your priceless asset – your hands – when you do so.  Whether you are working on wires, cutting down tress, metalworking, industrial tasks, or doing other essential property or barn chores, you will want these new GW101 extreme winter gloves. The new GW101 gloves will ensure you care for those fingers and hands you value, after all what’s more important to your hands than proper glove safety. Continue Reading…

Keeping Fingers Safe with Winter Work Gloves

Winter Gloves

As winter rages on and temperatures still remain frigid, it is important to keep finger safety in mind.  When the temperatures dip below zero, it won’t take long for frost bite to set in, especially in your very vulnerable hands.  That’s why it is essential to choose winter work gloves, or insulated gloves,  that can protect your hands while still allowing you to complete all of your tasks on the job.

Revco Industries’ new Black Stallion GW101 extreme winter impact glove, available at Working Person’s Store, can be your number one defense against hand injury.  These high-visibility gloves have protective finger and knuckle guards on the back of the hand which have notches that allow maximum flexibility and dexterity.  On the palm side, these gloves have synthetic leather reinforcements for added grip and strength.  Black Stallion’s Gloves are designed with MultiBlend insulation for warmth as well as a waterproof lining.  The outer spandex layer is hi-vis yellow, adding another element of safety to this already protective glove. Continue Reading…

Inside the Danner Boot Factory


Made in the USA”.  These days, it seems like this phrase is hard to come by.  So many of the products we use in our daily lives are made in part, or in their entirety, overseas.  For this reason, Danner Footwear’s boot factory is a sight for sore eyes.  Located just outside of Portland, Ore., the Danner boot factory is one of the few operating footwear factories in business in the United States today.

Danner (acquired by LaCrosse Footwear Inc. in 1994) runs a complete assembly line to produce their high-quality leather boots which include work boots, hiking boots and military boots (one of their customers is the U.S. military).  Continue Reading…

Ice-T’s Overshoes Grip Ice and Reduce Winter Weather Slipping


For assuredness of step, just slide on Ice-T’s by Shoe In and grip into winter’s elements of snow, slush, and ice with confidence.  Be safe, too, because stepping outside can be hazardous in the winter!  Just walking to the truck, or taking out the trash, or other simple home-based chores could be treacherous with any combination of winter’s precipitation, especially when the aspect of ice is factored into the mix.  And least not any other work outside where cautionary stepping can cost focus on other tasks. These new snow traction devices are ideal for any wintery sure-footed needs. Continue Reading…

The Many Styles of Ariat Boots


Whether or not you dreamed of being a cowboy or cowgirl when you were a youngster, you can have that look, married with dependability and comfortability, with Ariat boots.

A mainstay of the equestrian world, Ariat was one of the first manufacturers to develop reliable rubber cushioning vs. the layered leather that was historically used. More comfortable and more sensible economically, Ariat has expanded its inventory to cover not only the riding circuit but regular working folks like you. Continue Reading…

Egrodyne’s Flame-Resistant Workwear Keeps you Safe


Don’t take any chances with your Personal Protective Equipment. When it comes to Flame-Resistant (FR) clothing and accessories, you can never know too much about the quality and performance of the gear that is protecting you.

In their commitment to excellence and safety, Ergodyne announced in December 2012 an ongoing mission of education and clarifying what aspects of flame resistant products you need to be aware of and what characteristics are most important to keep you safe. ARC and flash fires are major threats if incurred in the workplace and you don’t want to have to second guess the flame resistance of your (PPE) personal protective equipment while experiencing a critical threat. Continue Reading…

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