Minnetonka Logo is Now Streamlined

Minnetonka Shoes Logo

It gets cold in Minnesota. Like, really cold. So you know what they put on their feet up there to keep warm? Moccasins. America’s original footwear. For centuries, people in the Great White North have fitted their feet with these warm and comfy creations because they’re practical, cozy, and stylish. And, of course, warm. And since 1946, Minnetonka moccasins have carried on that tradition as the world’s best producer of this traditional yet trendy footwear. Over the years, Minnetonka has expanded its product lines to include sandals, boots, slippers, driving shoes and more. WorkingPerson.com currently supplies Minnetonka moccasins and hats along with various other products. Continue Reading…

Diamond Trax Work Boots – by Georgia Boot – Gets An Upgrade

Georgia Giant Diamond Trax Outsoles

When your work boots get good and broken in, and …. turns into durability, and, well, what we’re trying to say here is, when your work boots start to experience some wear and tear, you’d expect their performance to start slipping. Maybe they’re simply not as effective as they used to be. Maybe they’re not what they used to be. Maybe it’s time for a new pair. These questions are all good and valid, as long as you’re not wearing Diamond Trax work boots by Georgia Boot. Because Diamond Trax work boots by Georgia Boot are the first work outsole featuring slip-resistant technology that actually improves with wear. That’s right, put those bad boys to use and give ‘em all you’ve got, because they only get better the more you wear them. Continue Reading…

Working Person’s Store: Connecting With You Through Social Media

Working Person's Store Social Media Efforts

It’s a small world we live in, and thanks to social media, it’s smaller than ever before. That’s because it’s more connected. Which also makes the world faster. Like, waaaaay faster. The fact that you’re reading this article right now, on this website, on this thing called the Internet, shows that you already know this and you’ve already adapted to this changing world. Here at Working Person’s Store, we want to make social media work for you, so that you have the knowledge and tools to make the work you do smarter, easier, and more efficient and profitable. Continue Reading…

Happy Father’s Day

Wishing Everyone A Happy Father's Day

Dads are awesome, and they deserve awesome guy gifts on Father’s Day. So put down that tie and step away slowly. If you want an awesome gift for Dad (or, to put it another way, if your dad wants an awesome gift – and of course he does), look no further than Workingperson.com. Or, if you are near or passing through Lakeville, Indiana. stop by our retail store located at 305 South Michigan Street, Lakeville, IN. 46536. Our online and retail store’s are full of great gifts for dad, that he’ll actually enjoy! Continue Reading…

Carhartt High-Visibility Apparel: The Solution

Carhartt Clothing High Visibility Workwear

Hate wearing your high-visibility apparel? You’re certainly not alone. The number one reason that working people decline to wear their required high-vis clothing is that they say it’s cumbersome and uncomfortable. And that sentiment is common. The problem is, without it, you’re at a much greater risk of an injury or fatal accident. It’s a fact. That’s just what the stats show and the stats don’t lie. It’s too dangerous to work without.

So what about wearing something that you already know you like? Like Carhartt. Everybody loves Carhartt clothing, for its comfort, durability, and practicality. So we’ve got some great news for you. Now, after several requests by both retailers and consumers, Carhartt is bringing back its line of high-quality high-visibility apparel. This is Carhartt’s best line of high-visibility and color-enhanced workwear yet. Continue Reading…

Working Person’s Store Sponsors Dollars for Diabetes Research

June 8, 2012


The St. Joseph Valley Building Trades, the South Bend Maennerchor Club and the Working Person’s Store of Lakeville will once Again Raise Awareness and Dollars for Diabetes Research With A Full Day of Fun and Music

(South Bend, IN)  Saturday June 16 the St. Joseph Valley Building Trades in conjunction with the Working Person’s Store will conduct their 26th Annual “D.A.D.S (Dollars Against Diabetes) Day” fundraiser. As in the past eleven years, a portion of that fund raising will be generated by  a Motorcycle Poker Run traversing area roads, towns and businesses with its start/ finish at The South Bend Maennerchor Club, 219 North Sycamore Street. (b/t LaSalle and Colfax) The Poker Run will see the first motorcycle leaving the Club grounds at 10AM with all participants returning no later than 5PM. A contribution of $20.00 purchases the ride opportunity, a commemorative tee-shirt, ball cap and Snoopy Pin (the national mascot of DAD’s Day!) and of course entry into the “after party”! This event also welcomes all others interested in supporting the cause by requesting a $5.00 donation at the door after 4:00PM. Live music will be provided beginning at 4:30PM and continue throughout the afternoon and evening at the Club Grounds. Food and refreshments will be available with a beer garden also on site.

Last year’s local “DADS Day” efforts raised nearly $9,000 which was added to the National Building Trades campaign with its mission- “Find a cure for Diabetes!” All proceeds generated, both locally and nationally, go directly to the Diabetes Research Institute- University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine,Miami,Florida.

For more information regarding the event contact the Building Trades at 574.23BUILD (574.232.8453)/ go to www.SJVBT.com and click on “Special Events” or visit www.projecttypezero.net to learn about the national programs helping to fund Diabetes Research.

Georgia Boot Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Georgia Work Boots 75th Anniversary

Georgia Boots Celebrates 75 Years

A lot can happen in 75 years. The invention of the Internet. A trip to the moon. Cell phones. Through the changing times, one company has remained consistent through it all. Georgia Boot is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, and in the process, celebrating the people and the products that have allowed the company to be a leader in American work footwear.

Georgia work boots and Georgia steel toe boots are the backbone of the product line, but Georgia Boot makes many different types and styles of footwear, including 6 inch safety, Farm and Ranch, loggers, construction and also other styles that have been specially designed for specific industries. Continue Reading…

IronLace from LaceTech: The Only Lace Tough Enough

Ironlace Work Boot Laces Are Durable

A working person is only as strong as the tools and equipment he or she relies on. And while your hammer is probably not going to quit on you any time soon, something as simple (and brittle) as a broken lace can really put a damper on your workday. Luckily, there’s LaceTech, with a solution to that problem so strong that you’ll never have to buy another pair of laces again. Guaranteed. Continue Reading…

The iPod Generation at Work: What to Watch For

Job Safety

Should you listen to music while on the job, or not? It’s a question employees consider more and more in this digital age, and it’s important for employers to consider as well. Developing a workplace policy for listening to music, among other workplace safety policies is a good recommendation for employers, for reasons of productivity as well as safety.

There’s an argument to be made that workers are more motivated at work when they are listening to music. Especially in quieter, non-hazardous environments, like an office. Music can mask background noise, so the employee can focus, and it also improves the employee’s mood and productivity. Some employees even have a better perception of their company as a result. So in these cases, using a personal listening device, like an iPod, can actually be a benefit to both employer and employee. Continue Reading…

Bates Boots Riding Collection: The New Leader of Motorcycle Boots

Bates Boots Motorcycle Boot Collection

You’re riding your favorite scenic trail. And there, without warning, out in the middle of nowhere, your bike breaks down. Would you accept this? Of course not. If you demand the best from your motorcycle, shouldn’t you also demand the best from your motorcycle boots? Those who do choose Bates. Your boots shouldn’t break down either. The Bates Riding Collection is designed for those who demand indestructible riding equipment, from their motorcycle to their riding equipment. From their bike to their boots. Continue Reading…

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