Celebrate America with USA-Made Products


America…the land of the free, home of the brave – the place where quality products are made! Whether it’s the 4th of July or the middle of December, choosing American-made products is a great way to show your loyalty to this great country. Here are just SOME of our favorite USA-made products from reliable brands…there are plenty more where these came from at Working Person’s Store.

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Filson: Brand Feature


You could say that C.C. Filson happened to be in the right place at the right time. But his reliability, strong work ethic, and honest values are also what helped him become a successful businessman.

He took the time to listen to his customers. These are attributes that made him successful. Filson traveled a lot, and he ended up in Seattle, Washington, right when the Great Klondike Gold Rush was in progress. This meant that thousands of fortune hunters were stampeding into Seattle and headed north.

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Working Person’s Store Boots


You know we’re the store that specializes in brands that work, but did you know we have our own Working Person’s Store boots, too? And we stick to our commitment to providing you with the best work products possible with these work boots – they’re loaded with special features to keep your feet protected. To top it all off, they’re union-made in the USA.

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Arc Defender Fabric: Flame-Resistant Workwear


At Working Person’s Store, we take pride in taking care of our customers. That includes providing you with protective clothing you can trust. Your job isn’t always the easiest, but we have the men’s and women’s workwear that’ll keep you safe and make your 8+ hour shift more tolerable. When it comes to job site hazards, there’s no room for messing around…open flames and electrical hazards can pop up out of nowhere. A precautionary measure you can take is to wear flame-resistant workwear, and we have the FR shirts you need. They’re part of our Working Person’s Store brand product line, and they’re American-made, too!

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American Graphic Design & Advertising Competition

WorkingPerson Summer 2015

This is the 30th year for the American Graphic Design & Advertising (AGDA) competition. The AGDA awards are given out to no more than the top 30% of entries, and judging is based on concept (good ideas and original work), execution (technical skills and presentation), and appropriateness (effective communication). Some of the best graphic design and advertising pieces in the United States are showcased through this competition.

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The History of Safety Toe Boots


Your new boss just informed you that you’ll need to get a pair of steel toe boots before starting your very first shift. What a pain, right? Before you roll your eyes and complain, remember your employer is just trying to keep your feet safe – and in certain occupations, it’s required by law that you wear safety toe boots. As you’re browsing Working Person’s Store website for your latest work footwear requirements, think about why you need this type of coverage and when the heck people started wearing it.

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Nobody Likes Swamp Ass


Perhaps you’ve heard of swamp ass. It’s just about as unpleasant as it sounds, and coming down with a case of it can really ruin your day. Those tough hours at work can make you perspire, but that doesn’t mean your work pants have to create an unpleasant environment for your behind. If moisture builds up, chaffing can occur. And we’re pretty sure nobody wants to sweat until their skin is chafed. We don’t think you need any more mental pictures, so we’ll just go ahead and tell you how you can prevent this dreaded swamp ass from destroying your otherwise productive work day. Continue Reading…

Grundens: Making Your Work Life Drier!

grundens wps blog

Imagine a group of fishermen on a boat, hoping to catch enough fish to support their families. They have to work – rain or shine – to make sure they don’t go hungry. What did these seamen wear before rain gear was invented? Whatever they wore, it wasn’t Grundens rainwear if it was before 1911. In this year, on the Swedish West coast in a coastal village named Grundsund, Carl A. Grunden started producing oiled garments, which are commonly known as oil skins. Carl was the son of a North Sea fisherman, so he knew how hard the rain can be on the worker. He wanted to make it an easier job. He brought his ideas to life by creating waterproof rain gear for people like his father. Continue Reading…

Wigwam: Making American-Made Socks for Over 100 Years

Wigwam WPS Blog

Not every pair of athletic socks are created equal. Wigwam knows this, and they’ve known it for a long time. The Wisconsin-based business that began as a knitting company had a rough start in 1904, but their perseverance is what made them so successful. The Sheboygan Knitting Company was destroyed by a fire, but Herbert Chesebro and a group of investors decided to salvage what they could. The Hand Knit Hosiery Company was born, and they started producing huge quantities of products. When most people would probably call it quits, the company we now know as Wigwam would not exist without the efforts of these hardworking people. Continue Reading…

The Top 10 Workplace Hazards and How to Prevent Them

workplace hazard wps blog

Here are our top 10 hazards that occur in workplaces all too often. Although there are many more dangers on job sites, we feel that this list deserves some attention. Educate yourself on what can cause potential hazards and read up on how you can safely prevent them from ruining your day. Continue Reading…

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